About Us

Close your eyes.

Imagine a world where you watch a show you love, or a movie that touches your spirit, and you tell your loved ones about it in an attempt to share that joy with them, and then rather than your heartfelt words floating away into the ether forever as they say “oh I’ve heard of that,” or “I’ll have to put it on my list,” they actually watch it. They listen to you. They share in your joy or, you know, don’t like it as much as you did, but you get the pleasure of discourse. Now imagine if they were contractually obligated to listen to your suggestions. It seems nice, doesn’t it.

On Now Try This, Nicholas Nieves and Marcus Berdeguez bring their longstanding friendship and two divergent tastes to an audience as they take weekly shifts stepping out of their cultural comfort zones and make choices they never, ever would have made unless a handful of generous strangers had paid them a small monthly incentive. Whether it’s new films, cult classics, music, videogames, tv, even temporary lifestyle choices, together they explore new media to muse about, clash over and even sometimes unexpectedly agree on.